Heineken Nigeria

A perfect balanced refrigeration system is of key importance when brewing beer. After boiling the Wort, it is cooled down quickly and as well as at the end of the brewing the yellow gold is kept cool.

We have the knowledge in-house to balance your cooling system to the max. Especially in this time it is very important to monitor and influence the use of energy by the cooling system. IACT develops control software for cooling systems that are applied in Heineken breweries in Nigeria, belgium Congo, french Congo, Ethiopie, Burundi, Panama, Ivoorkust etc..


  • Siemens Step 7 (300 series) PLC software
  • Siemens WinCC flexible 2008 HMI visualisation
  • Siemens TIA portal v14 HMI and PLC
  • Rockwell (Allen Bradley) PLC
  • Rockwell (RS-view) HMI
  • C# / WPF, 100% IACT product, HMI and SCADA