About us

Since 1999, IACT has been developing software for industrial purposes. This includes applications for small machines, as well as controls and visualizations for extensive processes. Regardless of the project’s nature, we contribute our insights and expertise. Collaborating closely with our clients, we ensure its smooth and effective functionality.

Direct contact with the programmer

Our team members are versatile generalists capable of working across various fields. While they maintain a broad skill set, specialties have naturally developed over time. This fosters a continuous learning environment within the team. As a result, we stay current and consistently enhance our services.

Efficient communication channels between customers and the dedicated programmer developing their software contribute to our high-quality output. Beyond the primary point of contact, there’s always another team member available to answer questions and provide valuable input. This approach guarantees the optimal solution for each project, consistently.

Global projects and commissioning

We operate from our office in Haaksbergen. The commissioning of our software takes place on-site, often globally. Recently, we have expanded our operations to include commissioning from our office in Abu Dhabi as well. Our team possesses comprehensive expertise in industrial automation and communication technology. The fact that our clients consistently return to us is a testament to our commitment to delivering quality and customer-centric services.

Specialist in communication technology

Our expertise lies in facilitating communication among diverse industrial components. For instance, we enable machines to transmit data to a Windows application or seamlessly connect disparate operating systems. This enhances operational efficiency, allowing our customers to save both time and money.

In many manufacturing settings, machines operate as isolated entities concerning controls. We bridge this gap by ensuring compatibility, even when these machines “speak” different languages. Moreover, our innovative thinking ensures that we tackle challenges creatively and effectively to get the job done.

Our specialist are ready

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