About us

IACT has been building software for industrial use since the establishment in 1999. Whether it is software for small machines or for the control and visualization of large processes. The software development takes place in our office in Haaksbergen. The commissioning will be done on-site, usually worldwide.

IACT operates with a small team, but is great when it comes down to the knowledge and skills of industrial automation and communication technology. We believe quality and service are the key to customer satisfaction.

IACT will the find beauty of a solution in every problem.

Direct contact with the programmer

Our team members are generalists, who can work in any field. Over the years, specialties have emerged, from which the other members in the team can learn. This way our team stays up to date and we keep on improving our services. The short lines of communication between customer and programmer who develops their software ensure high quality. In addition to this fixed point of contact, there is always a team member on hand, who can also answer questions and can think along. This invariably ensures the best solution for each project.

Worlwide projects

We work from our office in Haaksbergen. Commissioning of our software takes place on location, often worldwide. Our team has all the knowledge and skills in-house in the field of industrial automation and communication technology. As we deliver quality and work in a customer-oriented way our customers are loyal to us.

Specialist in communication technology

Communication between different industrial components is our specialty. For example: make a machine sending data to a Windows application, or linking two completely different operating systems together. As a result, machines work more efficiently and our customers are able to save time and money. Machines in a factory are often islands with respect to controls. We ensure that these can work together, even if they speak different languages. In addition: we think outside the box and get the job done!

Meet our team

Our specialists are ready to help you! Meet the programmers who will help you and your company.