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Cooling systems

Cooling systems are a trade of their own, IACT masters this profession like no other. This is evident from the more than 100 project we already have to our credit in this area. Our expertise reaches from large process cooling to store climate control. We guarantee high quality at a very competitive price.

Tooling and visualization

We can apply standard cooling solutions to different situations, but in many cases, customization is necessary. For this we have developed our own tooling and visualizations. Our software runs in many of Heineken’s breweries. The beer brand has even asked us to develop a standard software for the breweries which can be used worldwide.

Knowledge about the industry

We have knowledge of the industry and we know what is being asked. This is what our customers expect of us when they come to us and we are happy to accept the challenge. They even ask us for advice, as we understand the process of the system very quickly. For this reason, we are able to think along very well.

A great example of this is the flower auction in Ede for which we work. A huge cooling system is running here. This system needs to cool very precisely. Besides this, the humidity needs to be regulated properly, otherwise the flowers will spoil. We have developed a software with which this can be regulated very accurately

Thanks to the knowledge and experience of IACT, we know for sure that our cooling systems run as efficiently as possible. They always anticipate our wishes.

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