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Energy management

No-break systems are becoming increasingly important, whether systems operate for hospitals or datacentres. The power can never be removed during these critical business processes. Control is the key. We ensure this with our monitoring solutions. All of these systems have energy monitors showing how much energy flows through and the voltages on it. These figures are logged into a database to keep a clear overview. In addition, it allows us to keep exact track of what happens when. In this way, energy consumption can be measured precisely and is it possible to manage savings in energy or redistribution and redundancy.

Tracing back causes with regard to the future 

Did a power breakout occur and had the generator to run suddenly? We can detect the cause and we will look for a solution to prevent this in the future. 

HACCP evidence

We have developed a replay system, which can rewind the events to detect what occurred in the engine room at the time of the power outage. Which pump was running, which valve was open, who was logged in and what where the consequences? When it comes to cooling technology, this type of evidence becomes increasingly important with a view on HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points). A lot is possible in the area of HACCP. With our software it is possible to give an insight into matters, from which all kinds of new possibilities arise.

Thanks to IACT we now have a clear overview of how the power supply for our critical equipment works. That makes the hospital safer and it saves us energy

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