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Prototyping and machines

From a new coffee machine for Douwe Egberts to milk frothers and steam overs: we develop and make prototypes of these machines to give our customers the opportunity to test them. The control system in this phase will be much larger than they eventually will become, but this allows our customer to test all parameters. A bit more power, pumping a bit harder: it can all be set with use of our prototypes.

Collaboration with Huygens Engineering and PCV Group

We work closely with Huygens Engineering. Huygens Engineering works for companies that have a really challenging industrial automation problem. This often involves software, which is our specialty. During the design phase we are already asked to think along. For example, we combine our knowledge of robotics and its integration into the total system.

Unique machines for Fokker R&D

For Fokker R&D we have developed a number of unique machines. Among these machines, a machine for heating the molds, making new aircraft parts and designing new material. We do not build the machine ourselves, but we are responsible for the entire concept. The machine then will be built on basis of our concept and our software can take care of the control.

We like challenges and are happy to solve problems with our machines. But we can only do that thanks to good management, IACT takes care of that

Jacques Vermeijden

Huygens Engineering