Safety systems

Safety control is of vital importance in the oil, gas and chemical industry. We develop software that controls this. We do this worldwide, on-shore and off-shore.

Passing every safety check

Due to the risk of explosion, it is extremely important in the oil, gas and chemical sector that all the systems are double or even triple protected against this risk. We ensure that the systems will pass all the safety checks. Our software checks whether all sensors and other parts of the systems are still safe. When this is not the case, the system will be stopped automatically.

Oil pipeline in United Arabic Emirates

We have worked in the UAE on 400 kilometres of oil pipeline, where we have also provided software for several hydrogen compressors. This hydrogen has been injected into crude oil, which is extremely flammable. The control of the speed and the capacity control must therefore be extremely safe. As soon as there are differences in temperature or in pressure, our software will raise the alarm. As the regulations of such pipeline are exceptionally accurate, we have worked for four years to develop this system from A to Z. Many tests have been run. Whenever there was a small change in a screw, the whole process started all over again.


During the process, it became evident that IACT’s experience was of invaluable importance. They know exactly how we can optimally ensure safety with their software.

ADCO Abu Dhabi


Thanks to IACT, we now have a perfect understanding of how the power supply for our critical equipment operates. This makes the hospital safer and saves us energy.

Máxima Medisch Centrum


When we want to make sure that our internal transport systems are working perfectly, we collaborate with IACT. In that case, the software is guaranteed to be reliable.

Erwin Voortman

FS solutions

Thanks to the knowledge and experience of IACT, we can be certain that our cooling systems operate as efficiently as possible. They always anticipate our needs.

Plantion Ede

Geen, Geen

The certainty of our production has increased significantly due to the contribution of IACT. In the past 7 years, we have not experienced any downtime.

R. van der Zwan

Head of autoclaves, Fokker

We love challenges and enjoy solving problems with our machines. But we can only do that thanks to good control. IACT takes care of that.

J. Vermeijden

Huygens Engineering