Transport and sorting

In cooperation with manufacturers of hardware in the area of transporting and sorting we develop software for these systems. We have developed the necessary tooling for this ourselves, including for libraries in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. The customer of the library hands in the book via a sort of letterbox, this is where the process begins. The book is scanned via a built-in RFID, after which the book will be automatically transported in a bin to the correct bookcase and floor. When the cart is full, a library employee can return the books to the bookcase very efficiently.

Examples of our work in this area

  • RFID-based tracking and tracing can be done with the help of card systems, so that it is possible to see who has done what.
  • Through barcode scanners we have developed a system for ThyssenKrupp that automatically accepts, sorts and checks out packages.
  • Packaging systems and internal transport systems are also a speciality that we are experienced in.
  • In the area of order picking, we can ensure that the right products will be collected, prepared and are made ready for shipment.
  • Pallet systems, with which the pallet construction can be realized in 3D on a computer screen, which then is executed by a robot.

Specialist in exceptions

Initially projects concerning transporting and sorting seem fairly simple. That is because often the transports that go from A to B are considered. The exceptions are the ones that seize our attention. What happens if something goes wrong during the process? Is the system still able to understand it if a package is removed from the conveyor? These are the exceptions where we stand out. Our experience enables us to guarantee software of high standards at a competitive price.


Thanks to the knowledge and experience of IACT, we can be certain that our cooling systems operate as efficiently as possible. They always anticipate our needs.

Plantion Ede

Geen, Geen

When we want to make sure that our internal transport systems are working perfectly, we collaborate with IACT. In that case, the software is guaranteed to be reliable.

Erwin Voortman

FS solutions

During the process, it became evident that IACT’s experience was of invaluable importance. They know exactly how we can optimally ensure safety with their software.

ADCO Abu Dhabi


The certainty of our production has increased significantly due to the contribution of IACT. In the past 7 years, we have not experienced any downtime.

R. van der Zwan

Head of autoclaves, Fokker

Thanks to IACT, we now have a perfect understanding of how the power supply for our critical equipment operates. This makes the hospital safer and saves us energy.

Máxima Medisch Centrum


We love challenges and enjoy solving problems with our machines. But we can only do that thanks to good control. IACT takes care of that.

J. Vermeijden

Huygens Engineering